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Do's and Don'ts when you're in a auto accident
Do write a complete description of the accident as soon as possible. If possible, take pictures even if it means returning to the scene of the accident at a later time. If you return at a later time, bring a friend to witness the picture taking.

Don’t allow your vehicle to be towed to a repair shop you are not familiar with. Don’t authorize any repairs by singing a towing release unless you have decided to have your vehicle repaired by the shop your car is being towed to. Read and understand any papers you sign before you sign them.

Do notify your insurance company. Some people don’t notify their insurance company if the claim appears small and there are no apparent injuries. They do this when they are at fault so their insurance premium won’t increase, but what happens if the person they hit claims a back injury six months later? Settling the claim yourself is dangerous. Be careful. At the very least use a release similar to this on the back of your check: “Acceptance of this check will constitute full and complete settlement of all claims associated with the accident of (date)” Follow all prescribed procedures when reporting an accident to your insurance company. Note the dates and names of all insurance company representatives you talk with so you know who to contact if trouble develops.

Don’t be fooled by “the lowest estimate”. There is a big difference in body shops. A low bid could reflect and incomplete job. When some items (like alignment) are overlooked on a repair, the consequences to the driver can be serious. An improperly repaired car….especially one with heavy structural damage, is like a time bomb waiting to go off. Exercise your right to determine which shop repairs your car. Make sure every detail has been attended to, and repaired to your complete satisfaction before signing any insurance company releases.

Do notify Mr. B’s Paint & Body as soon as possible if you have any questions in regards to your accident.
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Mr. B’s is a family owned and operated collision repair facility in Albuquerque since 1978. When you get into an auto wreck we work for you to bring your vehicle back to pre-accident condition. We offer a lifetime warranty of all our work, and we also offer a free pick up and delivery service. When Accidents Happen Call The Collision Repair Experts... Mr. B's Paint & Body.
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Mr B’s Paint & Body
1410 Valencia Drive SE
Albuquerque, NM 87108
(505) 255-7022
Fax (505) 255-8578

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8 am - 5 pm Mon. thru Thurs.
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It is your right to have your vehicle repaired at the shop of your choice.
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