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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Here at Mr. B's we get a lot of questions about insurance, accidents, and your car so we compiled this list of frequently asked questions to help you. If you have any other questions please feel free to give us a call or e-mail us.

Mr. B's paint and body is a professional auto body repair shop located in Albuquerque New Mexico with many years of experience.
Will Mr. B’s Work With All Insurance Companies?
Yes. Mr. B’s will work for you to insure that your vehicle is repaired back to pre-accident condition alongside all insurance companies. Mr. B’s will help you in deciding on what parts and procedures to repair your vehicle (except safety decisions, which are solely Mr. B’s) along side an adjuster from the insurance company. We work for you, not them.
Will My Vehicle Be The Same As Before The Accident?
Yes. Mr. B’s will repair your car back to your vehicle’s manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations using state of the art equipment.
Will The New Paint Match The Rest Of The Car?
Yes. At Mr. B’s, we have teamed up with RM to ensure a perfect match to the paint on your car. We use a computerized paint matching system and the finest materials available to help us make a perfect match.
Will Having An Accident Affect My Insurance Rates?
Perhaps. If you were in a collision, most likely your insurance rate will be impacted as a result. If the damage to your car is a result of hail, fire, flood, vandalism, or some other comprehensive damage claim, your insurance rate will NOT be affected (unless you have a history of frequent comprehensive claims).
Can You Save My Deductible?
No. Your deductible amount is an agreement between you, the policyholder, and your insurance company and represents the portion of a claim that you have agreed to pay. Steer clear of any repair shop that claims it can save your deductible as that is fraud. Such a shop will bill your insurance company for a repair they didn’t perform in order to recoup the money. If they are willing to commit insurance fraud, how can you be sure they repaired your car to manufacturer’s specification?
How Long Will My Repair Take?
The average repair at Mr. B’s takes between 3 and 5 days depending on the amount of damage and the availability of parts. Small jobs (mirror replacement, windshield repair/replacement, alignments, bumper replacement) can take as little as one day. Some repairs will take longer depending on parts and insurance company. When we give you an estimate, we will tell you exactly how long your repair will take.
Will It Cost More To Have My Car Fixed At Mr. B's?
No. Mr. B’s uses a standardized estimating system that is used by most repair shops and all insurance companies.
Will Mr. B's Report My Repairs To Carfax?
No. At Mr. B’s, your repairs and service records are confidential and are not shared with anyone except your insurance company at your direction.
What Makes My Car A Total Loss?
Typically, if the repairs needed exceed 80% of the current market value of the car, your insurance company will usually declare the vehicle a total loss. That percentage can vary from one insurance company to another, so be sure to verify the percentage with your insurance company.
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Mr. B’s is a family owned and operated collision repair facility in Albuquerque since 1978. When you get into an auto wreck we work for you to bring your vehicle back to pre-accident condition. We offer a lifetime warranty of all our work, and we also offer a free pick up and delivery service. When Accidents Happen Call The Collision Repair Experts... Mr. B's Paint & Body.
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Mr B’s Paint & Body
1410 Valencia Drive SE
Albuquerque, NM 87108
(505) 255-7022
Fax (505) 255-8578

NEW Covid Hours
8 am - 5 pm Mon. thru Thurs.
8 am - 4 pm on Friday
Closed Saturday and Sunday
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It is your right to have your vehicle repaired at the shop of your choice.
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