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Mister B's is a third generation collision repair facility. We are a family owned and operated company that works for you since 1978. We are ASE certified in collision repair/refinish and estimating. We are partnered with CCC information services to provide you with the most accurate estimates in the industry. Our company actively participates in I-Car classes and has done so for over 25 years.
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“Look for the sticker,
ask for the Report”

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Mr. B’s Auto Inspections
“Look for the sticker, ask for the Report”
Are you looking into purchasing a previously owned vehicle? Would you like to know the history of that vehicle? Mr. B’s does a live hands-on inspection to give you the most accurate report that way you know what you are buying.

• Damaged Vehicle - 50+% of the vehicles that we inspect have some kind structural/cosmetic repair.
• Hands on Inspection - Our inspectors do a live, hands on inspection to reveal any pre repaired damage.
• Repaired Vehicles - Vehicles are made to be repaired. Being repaired correctly is the important issue.
• Safety - Our inspections reveal any structural safety issues that may determine an unsafe vehicle.
• Experience - Each inspector has over 20 years of experience preforming safe repairs

Over 5 million reported accidents per year.
With over 5 million reported every year chances are your used vehicle purchase could reveal some kind of wreck/cosmetic repairs.

Vehicles are being repaired everyday
Some vehicles are being repaired correctly and some are not. Some vehicles are being repaired 100% and some, just enough to get them back on the road. Newer vehicles have the capability of being repaired incorrectly because of the many different recommendations by the manufacture.

Average repair estimate in US $2,900
Included with a Mr. B's Inspection is an estimate* to help determine the severity of the repair work that was done to a vehicle. This will help when buying your used car to help determine if the the vehicle was in a light or heavy impact.

How it protects your family, safety
Most of us who purchase a used vehicle will have our family members in them, or we are purchasing them for one of our family members. Either way we want your family to be safe. All vehicles are inspected for any structurally issues that may cause a vehicle to be unsafe if it is ever involved in a subsequent accident. Mr. B's will also check for repairs that were not repaired correctly causing a vehicle to not only be unsafe, but also may cause you issues down the road.

Second biggest purchase of your life
Since this will be the second biggest purchase of your lifetime, you want to make sure you are getting what you paid for. Our inspections will help guide you to what the vehicle is really worth. Vehicles that have been repaired could have some diminished value to them. Sometimes the bigger the estimate the bigger the diminished value. This information will help you determine a fair price for the vehicle you want to purchase.

Over 50% of the vehicles we inspect have some kind of pre repaired damage.
Through our inspections we have revealed that over 50% of the vehicles that we inspect have some sort of repaired damage. Some big, some small but damage that has been repaired.

Not all reports are created equal
Some vehicles that have been in a collision may not have been reported, either because they did not want their insurance to go up, they did not have insurance, or did not want to it show up on the report. Therefore you might not get an accurate 3rd party report. Most reports rely on a third party to give them the information, but if it was never reported to them they are unable to report it to you. Mr. B's Inspection is a live hands-on report that will give you the most accurate information out there.

I am selling my vehicle
If you are selling your vehicle and a report surfaces that is untrue or has wrong information, we can help. Remember this is a live hands-on inspection that checks for structural damage and prior wreck damage. Customers have come our direction with a report that states their vehicle has had some kind of frame damage. After we have completed our hands-on inspection, the vehicle revealed no prior/existing frame damage. This information will help you maintain your vehicle’s value during a trade-in or sale.

The reports that you receive from Mr. B’s help you make an informed decision on the purchase of you used vehicle.

You can contact Scott Benavidez @ (505) 255-7022 or Email

Dealerships would you like to know more about our services? Click here.

*some aspects of damages are hard to account for 100%. We will only report damage that we can prove.
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Mr B’s Paint & Body
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7 am - 5 pm Mon. thru Thurs.
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