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Color Difference

Have you ever noticed that the original factory color sometimes does not match the bumper or trim on that exact vehicle? There are several causes for these color variations.

- The body is painted on the assembly line on a production vehicle, while the trim and bumpers may be painted in a separate location. The vehicle is assembled later, and some parts do not match perfectly because of this separation.

- When painting different substrates on a vehicle, the color may vary—especially when comparing plastic and metal substrates. Substrate difference is the most common reason you would see color variation.

- Modern car designs also feature a combination of curved and flat panels. Because light reflects differently on these surfaces, the color can look different.  

Vehicle Scanning

A DTC, short for Diagnostic Trouble Code, is a code used to diagnose malfunctions in a vehicle. For example, after a wreck, your vehicle may set off multiple DTCs in its computer memory. Some of these DTCs will have a dash light to inform the driver that there is a problem. However, most will remain hidden in the computer's memory, with some DTC causing some systems to perform incorrectly. During any driving sequence, your vehicle continuously scans all systems more than some sophisticated airplanes. When this is interrupted because of an accident, your vehicle safety functions may not work correctly, i.e., Eye Site systems and lane departure systems. As a result, all vehicle manufacturers now require repair facilities like ours to perform pre-repair and post-repair health scans after all collisions. A vehicle pre-repair health scan helps us discover any hidden problems before repairs start. After completing repairs, we must do a vehicle post-repair health scan to ensure that all DTCs are clear and restore all vehicle communication per the manufacturer's recommendations. As these vehicles get more complicated and we start moving toward fully autonomous vehicles, we will assuredly see more complex features and safety precautions that will need our attention after an accident.

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