Why did my airbags not deploy in this accident?

Airbags started showing up in vehicles in the 1970s. The first generation of airbags would deploy at the slightest collision. Unfortunately, the module (the brain of the system) could not tell the difference between a five mph impact and a 40 mph collision. This deployment would do more harm than good to the pe4ssengers of these lower-speed impacts. The airbag would be like a giant boxing glove deploying, most times causing unnecessary bodily harm. The second-generation SRS (Supplemental Restraint Systems) would now monitor the rate of speed and started to consider occupants' weight. It also determined if there was a passenger, how far back the driver's seat was, and the direction of the vehicle's impact. If there was no weight in the passenger's seat, it knew not to deploy that airbag at all. Knowing the driver's seat position (taller or shorter) would now help the system determine the force of this airbag deployment. 

Improved systems would also detect the speed and direction of the collision and decide which airbags would need to be deployed (the front airbags or side airbags). The design of the newest generation of airbags has more excellent protection for the occupants of the vehicle and new pedestrian safeguards. Some car companies have added collapsable steering columns and knee bolster airbags. The most recent addition is airbags for hood deployment during a collision with pedestrians, motorcyclists, or bicyclists. They lift the back of the hood to lessen the impact of the person on the windshield. There is no doubt that airbags will continue to save many lives and help reduce many unnecessary injuries.
Important: If airbags deploy, the repair facility MUST refer to the vehicle manufacture recommendations to complete safe and proper repairs. Repairers must scan* vehicles to identify and clear all internal codes before vehicle competition for the safety of all passengers.

*Scanning - connecting a qualified diagnostic scan tool into an OBD-II port or other communication ports to retrieve all Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)s using the most current, available OEM information to ensure proper and safe repairs.

Most important: If you have a child safety seat in place during an accident, ALWAYS replace the safety seat. All manufactures of these seats recommend the immediate replacement of the child safety seat after an accident. In addition, all insurance companies will reimburse you for the replacement of the safety seat. 

Going Green Saving The Environment 

Mr. B's Has Gone Green:

Mr. B's Paint & Body Shop Inc. and BASF have teamed up to offer our planet a green alternative. Since August of 2008, we at Mr. B's started using waterborne Onyx from RM. We know that this alone will not cure global warming, but we can try and do our part to keep our world running smoothly. Waterborne is also used on all newer vehicles, allowing us to better match these fantastic, unique colors. In conjunction with BASF, we also offer a Lifetime Warranty on all paint repairs. 

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